My Name is Jmac I’m a graphics designer And I’m out of shape!

That changes today!

I’ve decided to get fit!

And I’m going to do it without going to the gym or spending hours doing boring cardio

From now on I’m doing things a bit different

No more diets, no more trips to the gym

Through trial and error, I’m going to let you know what works And what doesn’t work

I’m going to explore the science and anecdotal evidence behind everything I’m doing

Where I’m having trouble and how you avoid it

I’m going to be focusing on High-intensity interval training

Aside from the workouts, I’m going to be cutting out refined sugar, keeping my alcohol intake to less than 7 drinks per week and avoiding unhealthy snacks.

intermittent fasting Suite my schedule and the purpose of this project

Remember, the best plan is the one you can stick to.

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